Should IET Webinars be sales pitches for commercial organisations?

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I've just been sent a link to this webinar "Replacing Design Assumptions with Facts"

This was emailed to me as an IET / E&T webinar, which suggests that it would be intended as generically useful engineering material, but the wording (and a look at the presenter's website) suggests this is actually a sales pitch for a software tool. Now this is a longstanding and common issue, engineering magazine articles are realistically based on companies' press releases, and there is the ever-running battle between conference organisers and conference presenters to stop papers being sales pitches - I've played this game from both sides myself. I hope the IET is being very careful about where it is now going to draw the line with the relatively new format of webinars? Using this as an example, has it been assured that attendees of this webinar will be able to fully apply what they have learned WITHOUT buying the presenter's tools? For me, that is the litmus test. And if that's true, then fine - I've no objection to commercial organisations offering learning opportunities and as a bolt on extra promoting themselves. But if you can't use the information without spending money with the company, then even the act of advertising it is - to my mind - spam email (oh dear, I'm sounding like one of those grumpy people who post on web forums...)

In practice, of course, it's self managing to some extent - if IET webinars start getting a reputation of just being sales pitches then people will stop registering for them! But to keep the reputation of the Institution, I hope that - given the remit of building open engineering communties - the IET are being more proactive than that? (whoops, sounding like "disgusted of Tunbridge Wells" least I didn't say "I trust that...")


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